Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for the 4096 Families of Slide Rules

There were 2 different slide rules with the model number 4096. The first 4096 was a Mannheim type slide rule made of metal that is shown in the 1906 through 1915 catalogs. The second 4096 was a 20" Mannheim slide rule that ended up with several variations. This second group of slide rules was part of a larger group called "Merchant's Slide Rules".

The 4096 Metal Mannheim Slide Rule (1906-1916):

Very little is known about this slide rule. The catalogs descriptions are minimum without illustrations. The following is the description from the 1909 catalog:

"K & E Mannheim Slide Rule, 10 in., engine divided, all metal, with glass indicator, in Case, with manual."

In 1913 the description read as follows:

"K & E Mannheim Slide Rule, 10 in., German silver, engine divided, with glass indicator, in Case, with Manual."

The 4096 Metal Mannheim slide rule appeared in the following catalogs:

The 4096 Merchant's Desk Slide Rule group (1927-1967):

The 4096 Merchant's Desk slide rule is a 20" Mannheim style slide rule with a very simple scale set. The frame has a larger cross section than any other K&E slide rule. The 4096 Merchant's slide rule is special in its mounting and case. The rule has cast metal feet such that it will sit on a desk slightly tilted for easy use. The rule has a knob on the right end of the slide to allow single hand use of the slide. The rule comes with a leatherette covered wood case that has clamps to grab the rule and hold it in place in the case. The rule is usable in the case with the top open.

The catalogs group the 4094, 4095, 4096 and 4150-1 together in a family called "Merchant's Slide Rules". The 4094 is a 10" version of the 4096. The 4095 is a 10" duplex slide rule. The 4150-1 is a 5" Mannheim plastic rule with an added L scale.

A version of the rule was produced (4096M) that is not mounted with feet and has a standard leather case.

The scale sets for the rules are as follows:

4096 (1927-1928)

N4096 & 4096M (1930-1967)


The 4096 Merchant's Desk slide rule first appeared in the 1927 catalog. The 4096 family last appeared in the 1967 catalog. The following is a brief history of the 4096 Merchant's Desk family of slide rules as is told in the K&E catalogs that are available at this time. Exact timing is not possible because of the time between catalogs.

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