Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for the 4093-3 Family of Slide Rules


The 4093-3 family of slide rules are duplex type of slide rules. The 4093-3 and 4093-5 were constructed on a mahogany frame with celluoid laminated to the surface. The markings are engine divided. Of the catalogs available the first release was shown in the 1930 catalog.

This is the first series of slide rules called "Log Log Duplex Vector". Bill Robinson's paper "Mendell Penco Weinbach and the K&E Log Log Vector Slide Rules" documents the developement of this slide rule and it evolvement into the 4083-3.

The scale set for the 4093-3 is as follows:

The following models are part of the 4093-3 family and only vary in length:


The 4093-3 was first shown in the 1930 catalog. It last appeared in the 1937 catalog.

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