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The 4083-3 family of slide rules are duplex type of slide rules. The 4083-3 and 4083-5 were constructed on a mahagony frame with celluloid laminated to the surface. The markings are engine divided. Of the catalogs available the first release was shown in the 1939 catalog.

This is the second series of slide rules called "Log Log Duplex Vector". This group was evolved from the 4093-3 family in 1939. These slide rules have a special set of scales specifically for vector mathematics.

The construction of the 4083-3 family evolved during the life of the family group. From 1939 through 1947 the laminate covered the entire surface of the rules except for the ends and all printing was on the front and rear surfaces. From 1949 through 1952 the model numbers and other logo type information was engraved on the top edge of the rule. From 1954 through 1967 the top and bottom surfaces of the rules showed some wood with laminate inlayed in it. The model numbers were engraved on the laminate inlay.

The 4083 family has at least four distinctly different scale sets in its lifetime. The scale sets were evolved in parallel with the 4081-3 family however the model numbers did not change except for the adding of the 'N' prefix. In 1954 the 'N' prefix was removed from the model number. In 1962 the model numbers were converted to 68 xxxx series of numbers. The last scale set change happened in late 1955.

1939 (4083-3 & 4083-5) Scale set:

1948 (N4083-3 & N4083-5) Scale set:

1954 (4083-3 & 4083-5) Scale set:

1955b (4083-3, 4083-5, 68 1424, 68 1429, 68 1434, & 68 1439) Scale set:

The following models are part of the 4083-3 family and only vary in length:


The 4083-3 was first shown in the 1939 catalog. It last appeared in the 1967 catalog.

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