Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for the 4280 family of Amsler's Integrators

4280 Amsler's Integrator with three recording mechanisms 1895 to 1949

Photograph of a modern 4280 from 1955

Photo from an eBay sale by the Gemmary in Dec. 2006


The 4280, 4282, 4286, and 4288 are Amsler's Integrators with three recording mechanisms. Refer to page 310 of the 1901 catalog for a good description of the instrument.

There were several variations of the basic 4280. The 4282 was a 4280 made in brass. The 4286 is the same as the 4280 except it was larger. The 4288 was 4286 made in brass.

The following models are part of the 4280 family:


Of the catalogs available the 4280 group of Amsler's Integrators first appeared in the 1895 catalog.

The 1943 and 1944 War edition catalogs did not show the 4280 group. The 4280 group returned to the catalogs in 1949.

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