Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for the 4262 family of Precision Rolling Planimeters

4262 Precision Rolling Planimeter 1895 to 1921

4262 Precision Rolling Disc Planimeter 1921 to 1955

4262 Replacement Rolling Disc Planimeter 1962-1972


The 4262 is a rolling planimeter with adjustable tracer arm. Refer to page 308 of the 1901 catalog for a good description of the instrument.

The 4260 is a variant of the 4262 except with a shorter tracer arm.

The following models are part of the 4262 family:


Of the catalogs available the 4262 polar planimeter first appeared in the 1895 catalog. The design was changed in 1921 to have a disc under the recording wheel.

The 1943 and 1944 War edition catalogs did not show the 4262. The 4262 returned to the catalogs in 1949.

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