The June 2007 Oughtred Society Meeting

At the Computer Science Museum, Mountain View Cal.

The following is a picture tour around the room of the different exhibits. We all had 5 minutes for show-and-tell. Some took a lot more than 5 minutes.

Conrad Schure with some special rules and a few for sale

Clark McCoy talking about the Pickett collection of A. J. Boardman.

Curtis Jones talked about his use of log graph paper in teaching electronics

David MacFarland talking about various strange books of math tables that he checked out from the library where he teaches.

Kate Matthews telling about her doing reproductions of antique drafting tables.

Bob Otnes showing off some of his unique math books.

Richard Collins showing off some of his special function cardboard slide rules.

Tom Wyman talking about his translation project on the book about the history of the Kurta Calculator.

Dick Lyon showing what he has for sale.

Bob de Cesaris talking about some of his new items in his collection.

Wayne Lenhert talking about some of the specality items in his collection.

Richard Smith Hughes showing his slide rules and a strange chart calculator.

Clay Castelberry talking about his collection

Ron Knapp talking about some of the specialty items in his collection.

Rodger Sheppard show what he has for sale.

Tim Robinson from the Computer History Museum showing the Babbage Difference Engines that he made from Meccano parts.