The June 2006 Oughtred Society Meeting

At the Computer Science Museum, Mountain View Cal.

The following is a picture tour around the room of the different exhibits. We all had 3 minutes for show-and-tell. Some took a lot more than 3 minutes.

Clark McCoy's table

Clark talking about some of his rules.

Curtis Jones' table

Curtis showing his original slide rule in college

Kate Mathews table with a chart that she used later in a presentation about the future plans of the Society

Kate doing her show-and-tell.

Steven Mays' table

Bob DeCesaris looking over Ted Hume's table

Ted talking about some of his rules

Peter Nuth's table

Richard Collins' table

Richard talking about his slide rules

Bob Otnes' table featuring a real eBay find.

Bob talking about his eBay find.

Bob showing of his early 1600s log table books

Tom Wyman's table featuring the "Millionaire" mechanical calculator that was donated to the society.

Close ups of Tom's table

More close ups of Tom's table.

Tom talking about the Millionaire calculator.

Gerd Keuffel's table. Much of it was for sale.

Gerd talking about one of his rules

Debora Douglas' table featuring more samples from the K&E collection at the MIT Museum.

Deborah showing one of the strange items in the K&E collection.

David McFarland talking about his special slide rules for machine shop operations.

Marion Moon's table

Marion talking about his collection.

George Kaplan talking about his rules.

Rodger Shepard and his three tables of slide rules for sale.

Bob DeCesaris shows of some of the over 90 circular slide rules in his collection.

Close ups of some of Bob's collection

Mike Konshak telling about his collection and his on-line museum.

Ron Knapp showing off some his crazy finds.

Bob Kopanny talking about some of his collection.

Richard Hughes tell about slide rule experiences in the early 1960s

Conrad Schure showing off his slide rule watches

Caught Deborah Douglas and Kate Matthews for picture pose

Marion Moon, Peter Nuth, and Richard Hughes watching one of the show-and-tells.