Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for the AnaLon Slide Rule


Catalog page from the 1967 catalog

The AnaLon is a simplex type slide rule with reference charts on the rear of the rule. The AnaLon is constructed on a plastic frame. The AnaLon was intended for dimensional calculations in the physical sciences. Dimensional factors such as Length, Mass, Velocity, etc. are multiplied and divided much the same way as numerical factors.


The AnaLon was only offered in the 1967 catalog. The AnaLon had production problems. 1,000 of the first 2,000 units were rejected because of poor quality printing. The remaining 1,000 were released for sale. Many of the ones that were sold were returned because it was very difficult to understand the use of the rule with the printed manual. The rule was removed from the market until another manual could be written and it never happened. There are at most only 500 to 600 of these rules in circulation making them very sought after as collector items. This story is told by Joe Soper in his book "K&E Salisbury Products Division Slide Rules". You can find this story on pages 78 and 79 of the book. The book is available from the Oughtred Society on its web site.

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