Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for the 4161 Family of Slide Rules


Catalog page from the 1954 catalog

The 4161 group of slide rules is an advanced version of the 4053 family. It has the most extensive set of scales found on a K&E Mannheim style slide rule.

The following model numbers make up the 4161 family of slide rules:

Scale Set for the 10" versions:


= T ST S C =

Scale Set for the 5" versions:

K DF = CF L CI C = D A

= T ST S C =

The 4161-3s have conversion table printed on the back of the rule.


The 4161-1 first appeared in the 1952 price list. The entry in the 1952 price list has a bullet beside it indicating that the item did not yet appear in any catalog. There is no mention of the 9061-1, however an actual sample of such a rule has been observed. It is probable that the 9061-1 was first released in the Doric line just as the Doric line was being phased out. There is no mention of the 9061-1 in the 1949 catalog in the Doric line.

In 1954 the 4161-3 was shown along with the 4161-1 and was simply named a Mannheim Slide Rule.

In 1962 the 4161s took on the 68 xxxx series of numbers and was named the "Modern Polyphase Group".

In 1967 the 4161s went under the name of "Jet Math Group" with the same 68 xxxx series model numbers..

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