Collection of pages from K&E catalogs for Polyphase Demonstration Slide Rules


Catalog page from the 1933 Educational Products catalog

K&E produced large demonstration versions of several of the most popular models. K&E model 100 is a 7 foot version of the 4053 and N4058W. It was intended to hang on a wall or frame for use in classrooms.

The following model numbers are part of the 100 Demonstration Slide Rule family:


Demonstration slide rules were sold early in K&E's history but it is difficult to tell exactly when. It appears that these rules were not shown in the full line catalogs until 1954. Apparently these models were shown in Educational Product Catalogs. At this time only the 1933 Educational Products Catalog is available. Of the catalogs available the model 100 was first shown in the 1933 Educational Products Catalog. In 1962 the model number was converted to 68 1944. The 68 1944 was last shown in the 1967 catalog. The following is a brief history of the 100 family of slide rules as is told in the K&E catalogs that are available at this time. Exact timing is not possible because of the time between catalogs.

Links to catalog pages for the 100 family of slide rules: