K&E Leroy Production by: Joe Soper



Joe Soper has provided this narrative to preserve the history of this product line. Here is Joe's words as an introduction.


A few words are in order about my background with K&E. I joined the Keuffel & Esser Company in November 1966. During my first month at the Hoboken facility I was on Orientation where I spent some time in each department to gain an overview of the various products the company manufactured. I was then transferred to the Salisbury Products Plant; a K&E owned company located in Lakeville, Connecticut. My employment lasted through several changes in K&E ownership until December 1995, when I chose to retire after 29 years with the company. I was then employed as a consultant to Azon/K&E for the next six months to help with the transfer of ownership of the Salisbury operation to a plastic molding company near Binghamton in upstate New York.

Over the years I had taken many photographs in the Salisbury Plant and have personal experience to pass on to collectors and anyone interested in the Keuffel & Esser Company and their products. This format offers the opportunity to include many full color images without the expense of a printed document.

The Salisbury Products Plant was one of several K&E manufacturing facilities spread around the country; a few were larger and more important than our small location. I was 34 when I joined K&E and most managers were older than I was at that time. I suspect most are gone now and much manufacturing history about this outstanding company may now be lost. It is my hope that people who have hands on experience in other areas of K&E manufacturing will be able to add to this effort and get down on paper their experiences for historical purposes. 


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